Leading the Way

I’m starting to get very excited about a presentation that I’ll be making later this month. I’ve been asked to lead a session at the California Association of Public Information Officials (CAPIO) conference on April 16. The conference theme is “Navigate the Seas of Change,” and my presentation is about the changing media landscape and how government communicators can adapt to it.

Apparently some people have taken notice of the things we’re doing here at SDSU, including our Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube presence, as well as the creation of our own news bureau at SDSUniverse, among other strategies we’re employing. So they’ve asked me to share our experiences with these other PIOs.

I’m presenting with a friend from the private sector, Rachel Kay. When we met this week to discuss our presentation she made an interesting statement. It was something to the effect of “The more time I’ve put into this presentation and talking to people about what we both do on a daily basis, the more I realize how far ahead we are than most people on all this new/social media.” This new media world is so new and changes so quickly, it would be a stretch to call ourselves “experts.” But it’s pretty cool to know that we are ahead of the curve in our innovation and use of these new tools for a new media world.

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