Memory Lane

In preparation for tomorrow’s SDSU Live interview with former Daily Aztec editor/reporter Josh Suchon, I decided to find some old columns and stories he wrote during his time at the school paper.

Josh Suchon is a former Daily Aztec reporter and editor

Josh Suchon is a former Daily Aztec reporter and editor

Boy was that a mistake. Not only did I find some great clips from Josh, I came accross some of my own works. While it brought a smile to my face, I can honestly say most of them should be left packed away in the Library‘s Special Collections.

They actually allowed me, as a sports writer back then, to pen columns titled … wait for it … Off the Top of My Block. I had an afinity, it seems, for La-Z-Boy chairs and watching television. I also had some pretty creative game stories during my time covering the women’s basketball team (during coach Beth Burns’s first run here), the football team (during the early Ted Tollner years) and the men’s basketball team (during which time coach Fred Trenkle once told me “There’s really not a lot of difference in our roster from one to 12”).

What this trip down memory lane did remind me, however, is that I had a great time working at the Daily Aztec. And I learned a lot of what I know today, as a public relations professional, about the media, deadlines, AP Style and research. I can’t think of a better way to work through college than to get the hands on experience that I did. I wasn’t in a fraternity. And I didn’t get involved in religious or social clubs on campus. The Daily Aztec provided all that for me. I would encourage any young journalist or PR pro to get their experience the same way.

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