GreenFest is Here – Guest Blogger Erica Johnson

GREENFEST is here!! The sustainability movement at SDSU has taken off and students are leading the way. Last year, SDSU students passed a referendum that increased their student fee by $20; with a few sustainability initiatives incorporated. From these funds, approximately $250k per year is allocated to go to sustainable upgrades to AS facilities.

The Green Love Sustainability Advisory Board makes recommendations to the AS Council on which projects to allocate the funds to. The creation of the Green Love board (which I chair), institutionalized sustainability into the $22 million non-profit student service corporation; making Associated Students one of the most environmentally progressive student collegiate bodies in the nation.

SDSU’s spring spirit festival focusing on environmental sustainability, school spirit, and student competition.

SDSU’s spring spirit festival focusing on environmental sustainability, school spirit, and student competition.

This past year, Associated Students has made water conservation a prioritity, with our region facing severe shortages. We have installed waterless urinals and low-flow toilet fixtures (sexy, I know..) in Aztec Center and at the ARC; soon to be in Cox arena. We also are also installing a water reclamation project at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center; our shining star facility that just won a 2nd place SANDEE (San Diego Energy Efficiency) Award. The Green Love board is also trying to decrease the consumption of plastic bottles on campus; we are installing bulk-water dispensing machines, which will allow students to refill reusable containers for a half of the cost.

This year’s projects also include a two-phase solar PV array at the AquaPlex, solar thermal water heating at the Children’s Center and ARC, as well as lighting efficiency upgrades at the ARC. We tried to focus on a wide range of products to have a lot of variety and different educational points for students.

All of this excitement has been leading up to… GREENFEST! GREENFEST is the newly revamped AzFest, our annual SDSU student pride event. GREEENFEST is more of a festival; incorporating huge entertainment acts in addition to student pride and friendly competitions between students and organizations. The new event, GREENFEST, is focus around creating a better awareness of environmental sustainability at SDSU. The events for GREENFEST will take place starting this Wednesday, April 15 and will culminate with the music festival on Friday, April 17, 2009. Associated Students is really excited to rally our student’s Aztec Pride with a cause and theme that everyone can rally around. There are tons of great events around campus, so please be sure to come and check them out!!

I look forward to seeing all of you this week; hope you can make it. LIVE GREEN, SDSU.

Best wishes,

Erica Johnson
AS Green Commissioner

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  1. Wendy

    Erica Johnson…. YOU ROCK!

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