Graduation memories

As the end of the school year rapidly approaches, we’ve been doing a lot of

Congratulations Your Time Has Come

Congratulations Your Time Has Come

talking around here about Commencement and how to do some things different than we’ve done in the past – from a media relations/new media standpoint. TV stations will come out and cover the happy grads and their families, and we’ll pitch stories about our outstanding students. But we’ve been thinking a lot about some really cool ways to make commencement more memorable. Which got me thinking about what makes commencement memorable. So I reached out to the Twitterverse and asked “What do you remember most from your college graduation?”

Here are some of the responses:

@Holly_Jocoy Graduated in 12/87; actual ceremony: ’88. I remember PSFA-ers being stressed about job hunting. I’d been employed 6 months.

@humboldtstate peter yarrow leading us in singing puff the magic dragon. sf state 2003 🙂

@AaronClaverie Told my parents that their tickets to the ceremony were at the will call booth.

@AaronClaverie When they found out that there wasn’t a will call booth they ended up getting in via the kindness of fellow SDSU parents.

@AaronClaverie I was not disowned (whew) and now “they’re at the will call booth” has become a family callback joke.

@ShannonMcLeanThe heat!

@uyensday how it was SO crowded I thought I wouldn’t even find my friends and family

Personally, I remember the heat – I graduated at SDSU’s Open Air Theater (we now hold graduation ceremonies inside Cox Arena) at a morning ceremony during a heat wave – and then a great lunch with my family and a couple good friends.

This year we’re going to be broadcasting SDSULive from commencement, interviewing outstanding graduates, commencement speakers and others. We’ll also be Tweeting and doing some other things that, we hope, people will remember.

Fun Graduation Fact: On June 6, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was awarded an honorary doctor of law degree during the commencement exercise at San Diego State University. It was the first ever honorary degree awarded in this field by California State University.

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