SDSU Makes Every Day Earth Day

Well the campus is buzzing today with green lovers hugging trees and celebrating mother earth. Thanks to SDSU’s Enviro Business Society, e3, there are lots of Earth Day activities going on all over campus, including SDSU’s first ever Farmers Market. But shouldn’t we all be doing our part to make every day Earth Day? Well, we set out to find out how some on campus are doing just that:

We also  asked people in the Twitter universe what they are doing. Here are a few highlights:

@Pat and Oscar’s We print all of our menus on recycled paper with soy-based ink!

@Tamara Murray Take public transportation to and from work

@yiftach use a watersaving showerhead; recycle at least one thing every day

@Heather Lynn I recycle everything. I don’t buy plastic bags-I bring my own to the store. I never buy water bottles- I carry an aluminum one.

@Heather Lynn I’m conscious about keeping lights off and limit use of paper towels. I wash almost all clothes in cold water. I turn off power chords.

What are YOU doing to make every day Earth Day?

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One response to “SDSU Makes Every Day Earth Day

  1. We are composting all our food scraps, started our own vegetable garden and eat locally as much as possible!

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