Little Friday

In my first job after graduating from SDSU, a co-worker of mine used to call Thursdays “Little Fridays.” It was the precursor to the weekend — you could practically see relaxation on the horizon. Thinking of Thursday as Little Friday also made the workweek that much more tolerable some days…

And SDSU students sure do enjoy Little Friday if yesterday’s crowd on the patio at Louie’s is any indication. I was walking towards the SDSU Transit Center when I passed them — smiles all around and talk about what final projects were coming up (yes, I actually heard students lamenting about finals).

It was nice to reminisce about a time when life was just a little less about RESPONSIBILITY and more about making the most of your college experience — like the days when you could take a nap in the sunshine near Scripps Cottage, enjoy the nooner concerts in Aztec Center or dream about where you might travel abroad next semester. Oftentimes, it seems we’re bogged down with deadlines, our “to-do” lists and the “full-steam ahead” mentality of everyday life.

So, do you remember when Thursdays were your Friday? Ah, to be a (somewhat) carefree student again!

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