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As a soon-to-be graduate of SDSU, undeniably, I have concerns for my upcoming induction into the ‘real world’. Whether I like it or not, this overwhelming life change is rapidly approaching! Needless to say, those of us graduating this May are facing a difficult job market and will have to take it head on.

I find myself in a circumstance that I am not at all accustomed to: Come commencement weekend, my life as a college student will end, leaving me with absolutely no concrete plans. It’s a strange feeling, as throughout my life, I have always had a definite direction that shaped my choices.

Stephanie Heliker (far left) and friends are graduating from SDSU next week

Stephanie Heliker (far left) and friends are graduating from SDSU next week

Presently, I can’t make even the simplest of decisions until I know where I stand as far as securing a job. Summer travel plans, living situations, and prospective part-time positions are on hold until I am certain that the economy has helped in defeating my efforts to find my preferred position. I feel as though I have discovered where the sidewalk ends.

The realization of no longer being a part of the student population and just another citizen in the world is a daunting and yet sobering one. I have made it this far, and I am satisfied that my college experience has adequately prepared me for what lies ahead. I have been lucky enough to intern with SDSU’s Marketing and Communication Department, an experience that will hopefully aid in this blind journey.

Whether grads will have to seek out positions unrelated to our field, or find part-time jobs until the economy perks up, we have been equipped with the tools to succeed and I think we will eventually find our chance, even if not as immediate as we hoped. Though it might be easy for prospective grads to be discouraged, remember to keep your head up because we have something to offer the world.

Good luck to all the 2009 grads!

~Stephanie Heliker

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