The Tangibility of Media Convergence

For many, the term, “media convergence,” is more of a buzzword than something tangible and real. You may even be asking yourself, just what is media convergence?

For all intents and purposes, media convergence is just a fancy way of saying we can deliver news in different formats — online “print” stories, podcasts and in multimedia, like audio slideshows or video. But, how do we, as PR practitioners, make that work for us?

Honestly, considering the slide of traditional media — for example, the nearly 200 people laid off from the San Diego Union-Tribune — new/social media gives PR practitioners the opportunity to not only tell their story to internal audiences, but for it to be picked up by traditional media.

Case in point: Remember that Star Trek story I worked on? Well, it not only got picked up by the Los Angeles Times blog, The Hero Complex, but our local CBS affiliate also did a story on it, too.

And if that isn’t enough, we’ve got a little convergence going on in in-house, too. During commencement this weekend, SDSU Live, which started as a live-stream Internet program, will be conducting interviews before each ceremony. But the hitch here is this: not only will we broadcast via an Internet stream, the program will be shown on the “jumbotron” in Cox Arena, where families will be waiting, and on Time Warner and Cox Communications, which broadcasts all of the commencement ceremonies across the county.

As PR practitioners, our job is not only to tell our story to internal stakeholders, but to also leverage that storytelling ability by sharing it with the larger, traditional media. Think of it this way — our new media products, be they an article or multimedia piece, are basically the press releases of the 21st century.

How’s that for tangibility?

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