Touring SDSU From Wherever You Are: The New Wave of Virtual College Tours

“This is not your father’s college search.”

That should be the new motto for prospective students searching for their dream school. In the “old days” (okay, even a few years ago), prospective students would identify their schools of choice. The family would embark on the “college tour,” visiting each campus and taking the walking tour of campus.

How things have changed! Now, in the age of virtual campus tours, online social networking, and a struggling economy, colleges are re-thinking how they market to prospective students. And in turn, families are re-thinking how they visit campuses.

San Diego State University offers prospective students their families two ways to visit our campus, without spending a dime on airfare or gas.

Screen Shot of SDSU's virtual campus tour

Screen Shot of SDSU's virtual campus tour

The SDSU virtual tour is modeled after the campus walking tour. It takes you on a journey through our campus, shows you a variety of colorful photos of each campus landmark, and gives you some history and behind-the-scenes facts about the campus and the areas you’re visiting.

The 360-degree tour is produced by eCampus Tours, a Web site that produces 360-degree tours for universities across the country. This tour features full views of 10 indoor and outdoor campus locations, including inside the library dome and the Aztec Recreation Center. What’s great about eCampus Tours is they place SDSU’s campus tour on their Web site for prospective students. When a student decides they are interested in SDSU, they click over to SDSU’s Web site and sign up to learn more. The 360-degree tour is also located on SDSU’s campus tour Web page.

While nothing replaces the in-person tour of a college campus, the online tours are a great first stop for prospective students and their families to get a picture of a potential college before making the financial investment of stepping foot on campus. Visit SDSU today and take a tour from wherever you are!

~ Leah Singer, Director of Communications, SDSU Enrollment Services

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