Blogging from American Samoa

While some of us dream of spending the summer break in a tropical paradise, Marjorie Olney is living the dream. Sort of — she’s working in American Samoa, teaching students on the island.

For a couple of decades now, SDSU’s Department of Administration, Rehabilitation and Postsecondary Education in the College of Education has offered a distance-learning master’s degree program on the island. Olney, who regularly works stateside as part of the SDSU Interwork Institute, is visiting the island to meet the students she’s only known electronically and to evaluate their capstone projects that are part of the class she’s been teaching this past semester.

All the while, Olney has been chronicling her adventure on her blog, “South Seas Adventure.” Throughout the blog, she shares not only the experience of being a visitor to the tropical isle, but she also explains the influence of culture on education. Follow along on Olney’s adventures through next week!

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