SDSU summer session focuses on students, not just school

For most students the thought of going to school during the much-anticipated summer is far from an idea of a good time. But this year, SDSU has shown summer classes to be more than just a last resort (and quite a bit farther from the torture students might expect).

To get students excited about summer school, SDSU utilized a new trend in one-on-one marketing to get the word out.

Summer Session at SDSU

Summer Session at SDSU

Students were equipped with real life information relating to people just like themselves, real people telling real stories. This personal touch helped students realize they are not just a small fish in a huge sea of students.

Posters and information showing multiple ways summer session could benefit them focused on many – often overlooked – reasons to go to summer school, including online classes (beach towel for a desk anyone?); the open Aztec Recreation Center and state of the art Aquaplex; and the ability to spend an entire summer exploring San Diego.

SDSU’s attention to building personal connections helps bridge the gap between the individual students and the campus. With such a large, diverse student population, this one-on-one approach sets SDSU apart from the stereotypes of big institutions and gives students a true feeling of what the university can do for them.

After all, there wouldn’t be much of a university without the students.

See the campaign at

~ Desiree Roughton, Communications Student Assistant, SDSU Enrollment Services

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