from twitpitch to twitter

Global reach, local connection. 85 majors + students from 90 nations + 200 student orgs + 360 days of sun = a great day to be an SDSU Aztec!

That is the Twitpitch that won SDSU Enrollment Services the TargetX Twitpitch competition. In no more than 140 characters, universities across the country were asked to make a statement describing their institution and what sets them apart from all other colleges. When posed with a competition requiring a stripped down description of what makes our university desirable, Enrollment Services stepped up to the plate and brought SDSU a victory… in exactly 140 characters.

The increasingly popular microblogging phenomenon that is Twitter has quickly infiltrated the every day lives of people from students to professionals, and Enrollment Services is quickly making use of the social networking tool. For those who haven’t jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, the site allows users to update their page with 140 character or less messages as often as they like, always answering the question “What are you doing?”

SDSU Admissions recently started its Twitter account to reach out to prospective students and keep them updated on what is happening on campus. Through various social networks, students can gain valuable insight into the culture and activities of a campus than was never available to past prospective students. Connecting with campuses prior to application through the final enrollment decision allows students to make better informed choices and more easily find the right college fit for them.

The SDSU Admissions Twitter feed is just one of the new innovative ways Admissions is using social networking to increase SDSU’s visibility.

~ Desiree Roughton, Communications Student Assistant, SDSU Enrollment Services

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