new brochure speaks to younger audience

It’s never too early for kids to start thinking about college. And with that, it’s never too early for universities to start reaching out to young kids that will one day become prospective applicants.

When admissions counselors ran into a need for material pertaining to a younger audience, Enrollment Services went to work on a brochure that spoke to students often thought to be a few years away from starting their college search.

The brochure has a clean and fresh design that expresses useful information to students as young as middle school. SDSU is giving these students a glimpse into the life of a typical SDSU student including on-campus housing and dining, class, student activities, work, and even gym time.

New brochure targets younger students

New brochure targets younger students

The pamphlet covers information unique to SDSU as well as valuable information about the college search and experience in general. Sections on how to afford college and a visual representation of the value of a degree encourage students to always see college as a feasible and desirable option, and a planning map starting at middle school gives students a resource to help stay on track during high school and meet the requirements to attend San Diego State.

SDSU adminssions brochure

The idea also spawned other useful student resources like the “Day in the Life” brochure and video which follow a student’s typical day around campus. Living in a time where information on any subject is at our fingertips, curious students are able to start looking and planning ahead for college much sooner than before. And hopefully when the time comes, SDSU will be the #1 choice for those students.

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