New Students, Meet SDSU

SDSU’s new class of freshman and transfer students are about a month away from making SDSU their home, and the university is in full swing of introducing these new students to SDSU.

Each summer, SDSU staff and student volunteers – known as Ambassadors – lead new students through a day’s worth of orientation, offering guidance in class selection, information about their majors, General Education and degree requirements, and guides to living and learning on campus. San Diego State’s orientation combines technology with one-on-one interactions to create an effective and enjoyable experience for students and their parents.

Students are guided by their Ambassadors on how to use SDSU’s online registration system to wish for and sign up for classes. They also meet with advisers and faculty from their major department. Personal guidance and a packet of handy resources help students understand which classes to take their first semester (and beyond) at SDSU. Students are also given an opportunity to get acquainted with SDSU’s clicker system that promotes participation from all students in large classes. During presentations students are asked various poll questions that can be answered with the clickers. Instant results are displayed and used in the presentation.

The blend of technology and personal attention makes SDSU orientation a must-attend event for all new students. Orientation gives both students and parents the opportunity to get acquainted with the university, meet peers, and answer the countless questions about the transition into SDSU.

~ Desiree Roughton, Communications Student Assistant, SDSU Enrollment Services

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