Tips for Choosing A College

College application time is just around the corner. Narrowing your college search can seem overwhelming because not only are colleges accepting you but you’re accepting a college. Here are some tips for thinking outside the box when making those tough choices.

SDSU's Enrollment Services

SDSU's Enrollment Services

Choose for the major. One of the first ways you can narrow your college search is to follow your interests. By deciding on a major program you think is the best, you can begin comparing schools on a detailed level. Don’t worry if you’re not 100% onboard with choosing your life path before you hit the university – it’s a given that college will open up doors to careers you never knew existed.

Choose for the food. Hey you gotta eat, right? Colleges come in all shapes and sizes with an endless list of amenities and features, so be picky. What would you like? Food that feels like home? An all-you-care-to-eat cafeteria? Whatever the case may be, don’t be afraid to let these amenities influence your college choices. Your campus will be your new home so it shouldn’t just be about academics.

Choose for the landscape. The layout of a school is important. A school’s culture and vibe is created through, not only the students, but the overall physical construction and layout of a university. Would you like a more condensed campus or one that is spread out? Do you prefer to bike or walk across campus? Could you enjoy time on campus outside of class? These questions are a big part of finding a campus that fits you. Going on a campus tour will help you determine how comfortable you feel at a school and show you what the campus life offers.

Choose for the people. The overall attitude of people you contact at a university is usually a good indication of how the university treats it students. So pay attention to your interactions with university staff. Contact an admissions counselor for application questions, general inquiries about the school, or deadlines. Do you get an actual voice when you call with questions? Is it easy to get through? Do people on the university’s end seem eager to help new students?

Choose for the credit. Each university has different policies on how units and test scores will transfer. If you’ve taken college courses, AP or IB exams, you should check to see what classes will transfer and how many credits will count. Your scores may go further at one university versus another. Choose a school that will make the most of your classes and test scores so that none of your hard work goes to waste.

~ Desiree Roughton, Communications Student Assistant, SDSU Enrollment Services

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