The Bridge Never Built…

The Bridge Never Built

billboard close-up

A lone figure stands on a precipice.  He overlooks a dangerous 100-foot deep chasm, unable to cross to the safe plateau on the other side.

The striking image will catch the eye of drivers and pedestrians alike who pass near the billboard on College Avenue just north of Montezuma Road.

The billboard image was installed this week as part of critical new campaign called Fuel Potential that aims to increase scholarships for SDSU students.

For bright, promising students, a college education is a bridge to a better life.  And once that bridge is crossed, they are closer to making their dreams come true.

Fuel Potential billboard

billboard street view

But the legacy of deep cuts to higher education comes at the cost of those dreams.  Many SDSU students, eager to embark on or continue their educational journey, have found that the promise of a college degree is no longer within their grasp.

Without the resources to attend San Diego State, their hopes for their future will never be realized.  Their creativity will remain unsparked, their ingenuity untapped and their talents wasted.

And we will all be the worse for it.

Our students need your support – now more than ever.

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