Aztec Nights welcomes students old and new

Aztec Nights attendees broke the world's record for dodgeball

Aztec Nights attendees broke the world's record for dodgeball

We’re nearly three weeks into the fall semester and SDSU has wasted no time getting things into full swing. Energy is high and spirits are up. The Aztec Nights tradition is a great welcome for new students, yet still carries an allure for those of us who’ve been here a bit longer – something that is not always easy for a university to accomplish.

Aztec Nights offers free nighttime activities right on campus and what’s even better, it’s stuff we actually want to do! Within the last couple weeks, Aztec Nights has turned the campus into a carnival that, for one night, made SDSU look more like a county fair then a venue for classes. Students also gathered to break a world record in Dodgeball – more or less the coolest sport known to man – and to attend a comedy show featuring some of today’s most talented comedians.

Still to come this semester is a free concert featuring the reggae-rock band, Pepper; a charity dance marathon; and continued late night bowling at the on campus alley most Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Aztec Nights – which the U.S. Department of Education just promoted as a “model program” in Higher Education Alcohol and Other Drug Programs – gives students laid back venues to meet fellow Aztecs and just have a good time, making San Diego State one of the best places to be a student. Check out Aztec Nights on Twitter or Facebook.

~ Desiree Roughton, Communications Student Assistant, Enrollment Services

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