All-Around Aztec

At SDSU, I wear several hats—not only am I a staff member and alum, but I’m also a graduate student and part-time lecturer in the School of Journalism and Media Studies.

So, when the school year begins, I’m not only juggling the uptick in news that needs to be written and/or published, but I’m also dealing with my class schedule, both as a student and as a teacher. As you can imagine, I’ve had a busy couple of weeks!

While running back and forth across campus has its health-related advantages, it takes a lot of careful coordination and planning on my part, as well as support from my supervisors, to make it all work. Of course, I’m also the type that tries to excell at everything, lest my job, GPA or students suffer.

I’m mindful it’s no small feat to do what I do every week, but the busy-ness of my life certainly reminds me of my undergraduate days when I worked several jobs in addition to taking a full academic course-load and participating in student activities. I often wonder if SDSU simply brings out the best in me, or if I’m somehow pre-disposed in a Pavlovian way to make the most of my SDSU experience, no matter the cost. Regardless, like everyone on campus, I breathe a sigh of relief when the eventual end of the semester arrives, along with its overwhelming sense of peace overtaking the Mesa.

And it’s worth mentioning that my involvement in all things SDSU shows my deep and abiding love for the Red & Black. I also have a unique perspective on campus, especially since I come into contact with so many different Aztecs every day. And knowing all these folks certainly helps when I’m looking for someone to interview for a story, or if a colleague needs some information for a project.

From students to fellow faculty and staff members, I see how hard we all work every day to make this institution great and it’s very gratifying to see all the disparate groups come together, like we did at the budget rally earlier this month. When your campus population is akin to that of a small town, it’s no small exercise getting everyone together physically and for the same cause.

In short, it’s always “a good day to be an Aztec” for me!

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