A Freshman’s Perspective

Having the ability to say I have been an SDSU Aztec for officially 3 weeks now comes with a great deal of fun, excitement and pride.  Being a first-time freshman, and being completely new to the SDSU environment made me question at first how I would be able to make the transition from high school to college.  Within the first day my question was answered, and I have been loving SDSU ever since.  No matter if it is making new friends, getting involved, or establishing your comfort zone as a freshman, SDSU opens the door for you; all you have to do is make the initiative to step through.

With Aztec Nights in full swing during the first four weeks of school, there should never be an excuse not to have something exciting to do.  Every single event is not only incredibly fun, but they are also a great opportunity to meet new people (and they’re free).  Since getting involved is one of the most important things to do as a freshman, just make sure that your eyes are peeled and your hand is out when walking down Campanile Walkway.  And as far as getting acclimated to the atmosphere here at State, there shouldn’t be a problem considering the beautiful San Diego weather (267 days of sunshine a year), the carefree hospitality of the faculty and staff, and the tremendous amount of school spirit that SDSU exhibits.

So far my freshman experience here at San Diego State University has been amazing, and I would not have it any different.  I am fully enveloped in the school, and with everything I have done and accomplished in the first few weeks, it does not even seem like I am a freshman anymore.

I am proud to be an Aztec.

Cord Claffey
Freshman Intern Team Leader, President’s Cabinet
Associated Students – San Diego State University

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