Did I mention, we’re into social media?

Every time we write something about social media, it generates a lot of interest, both on campus and off. Part of that is because social media is such a hot topic right now. But I like to believe it’s also because San Diego State is doing some really creative things with it. We’ve made great strides in the social media space over the last year, and others are taking notice – I’m heading off today to give two presentations at the CASE conference for university communications professionals. But there’s a lot more we can be doing. Some of it is underway and some is still just an idea that needs a spark.

Our latest social media venture is in the form of comments. We’ve enabled them on all of our SDSU NewsCenter stories. So just like you can comment on stories you read in the San Diego Union-Tribune or other traditional news site, you can now share your thoughts and engage with other readers on our news. I’m not positive, but I believe we might be the first university in the country to offer such a tool on its news site. If not first, we are among but a handful.

You may also be interested in the social media symposium that we’re co sponsoring here on campus. There’s a lot more to come from SDSU, so stay tuned …


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3 responses to “Did I mention, we’re into social media?

  1. Keith

    I really like the SDSU News Center and thank the whole crew who put it together. The big selling points for me are the supercool user interface, second is the robust content with all types of info and lastly it’s great to have a starting point for SDSU as a whole. I can visit the News Center and then launch over to YouTube, Twitter or local news.

    I’d say it’s near perfect. The only wish list I would have is that I love pictures. If you guys could setup some type of photo album for students and alumni that would be awesome. I imagine this will be a major hurdle because someone has to monitor the uploaded content but, hey, I didn’t say it would be easy, I’m just saying what I’d like to see!

    Thanks, Keith ’91 Grad

  2. blockgreg

    Thanks Keith. Lots of hard work. We actually have a photo album: https://sdsublog.wordpress.com/scene-at-sdsu/ here on the blog. We haven’t done a good enough job of promoting it yet. Working on that. And also working on some ways that students and alum can share their photos with us. … Much more to come.

    • Keith

      That’s great for the photo album. We just need pictures! I’ll send you some from our Alumni Chapter in the Bay Area that may or may not be worthy of posting in an album. I’ll be down for homecoming in a few weeks and will be sure to bring my camera and snap photos to share.

      Thanks again for all the effort in making the News Center, Twitter, YouTube and everything else you touch, turn to gold!

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