SDSU’s Alumni Assoc. Director Enjoys the moment .. sort of

So here I am properly ensconced in the Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center, struggling to select some readable words to share about what it all means as we prepare to officially open the center this Saturday, October 17 – Homecoming Weekend.

(Sports sideline announcer thrusting microphone in my face with the confetti falling and the fans storming the court) “So, Jim, what was going through your mind as they cut the ribbon of the Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center?”)

The Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center will open to the public Oct. 17

The Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center will open to the public Oct. 17

I have quite a few possible selections, actually.  “Well, Bob, it occurred to me that SDSU will have the proper means to accelerate our connections with our community, our alumni and accordingly will utilize these new partnerships to keep SDSU at the forefront of public education.”

Or, “At the moment when the rotunda statue was unveiled, Erin, I thought; ‘What a proud moment for 200,000 alums who care about San Diego State.’’’

Or, “Yes, Craig, I was actually worrying that the midnight skateboarders might ruin these beautiful rotunda pavers.”

Or, “I sure wish Tom (Carter) and Allan (Bailey) were here.”

Or maybe; “I am really impressed that 600 people gave eleven million dollars to make this happen.  I so want this building to meet their expectations that we will use it to make San Diego State even stronger.”

And likely; “I sure hope, Marv, we spelled everyone’s name right.”

And even more likely; “Actually, Susie, I was thinking about whether the egress plan would work, how we would clean that spill on the carpet, whether our president could give everyone enough attention, if the road closure compromised Brady Hoke’s game plan, if we ordered enough refreshments, if the politicians and mega VIPs were happy, if the photographers were ready for the post game photo lineup, if everyone would get a good chance to tour the building, what sort of cleanup bill we are going to have and whether we would get out of here in time for kickoff.”

But, certainly, as I sit in my spectacular new office overlooking athletic facilities nonexistent 20 years ago, I am thinking about what fantastic people went here, what a great place is San Diego State, and how proud I am to play a part in advancing the education of thousands more to come.

~ Jim Herrick is the Director of SDSU’s Alumni Association, he also likes to Tweet his thoughts at @herrick1

Jim Herrick

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