SDSU’s Prospective Student Center – ‘A feel for the future’

SDSU’s Prospective Student Center (PSC) is the heart of admissions. It is the first stop and first impression for future Aztecs. The PSC is the hub for prospective student resources, campus tours, and answers to your endless questions.

Who are the people in the PSC?

Ten SDSU student assistants work alongside staff to bridge the gap between current and future students, using their own experiences to create a personal one-on-one connection with future Aztecs.

A student talks with an admissions counselor in the Prospective Student Center.

A student talks with an admission counselor in the PSC.

According to Natha Kraft, manager of the Prospective Student Center, the center relies on students as much as staff. “All are on the front lines,” she says.

The student assistants have firsthand knowledge about being admitted, joining organizations, and living on campus. One student assistant, Kimberly Diaz, says she can see the impact they make on students, “We help in their decision process, and we can see the students get excited.”

The PSC is all about helping students discover how they can make SDSU their own and creating an individual experience for students. “Websites are great, but coming here gives you a feel for your future education journey,” Natha says.

What’s in store for you at the PSC?

Students are welcome to visit at any time but the best way to get your SDSU journey started is by scheduling a campus tour, which offers much more than just a walk around campus. You have the option of attending an admissions presentation which is a kind of “SDSU 101.” You’ll receive materials and information about all aspects of the SDSU campus. You’ll then be led by one of SDSU’s student Ambassadors who will show you around campus and be able to answer all of your student life questions.

To see what a typical day is like in the Prospective Student Center watch this:

An on-campus visit is about much more than receiving information. You have an opportunity to connect with admissions counselors, current students, and other prospective students. The PSC’s goal is to not only answer your questions but also to make sure you are asking the right questions.

Come see what’s in store and make SDSU your own.

~ Desiree Roughton, Communications Student Assistant, Enrollment Services


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3 responses to “SDSU’s Prospective Student Center – ‘A feel for the future’

  1. Dr. Reyes Ortega

    Dear PSC: I left the following email with Dr. Frank Roberts, who referred me to your office. Thank you.

    Dr. Roberts,

    I am working with a community college transfer student who has applied to SDSU for the fall 2010 semester. Her major is Business Administration. She will have all of her General Education and major courses complete for the exception of one. Unfortunately, due to “tighten” course offerings during these times, our Math 20, Finite Mathematics course will not be offered during the spring semester. Of course we hope this does not become a disadvantage for our student for admissions consideration.

    Please advice.

    Thank you.

    – Reyes

    Reyes Ortega, Ph.D.
    Counselor / History Professor
    Sierra College
    5000 Rocklin Road
    Rocklin, CA 95677

    • blockgreg

      Dr. Ortega
      I’ve forwarded, via email, your comment to the appropriate person in our Enrollment Services office. Someone there will get back to you shortly.

    • kvelarde


      Thank you for your email. It is expected that a student who is applying as a transfer student has completed all of the General Education and Preparation for the major requirements. If the community college that the student is currently attending does not offer the course we would like for them to look at surrounding community colleges and take the course there if it is offered.

      If possible, the student may also take the course at San Diego State as a part of our Open University or Cross Enrollment Program. These programs are run through the College of Extended Studies. You may contact them for more information at (619) 594-5821.
      If the student is unable to take the necessary course by the end of the Spring their admission decision may be put at risk.

      If you have any additional questions please feel free to email us back or call our office at (619) 594-6336.

      Sadie Eisley
      The Prospective Student Center
      San Diego State University

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