It’s All About Communication

Communication. It’s probably the most important part of SDSU admissions. Providing prospective students with constant guidance and information bridges the gap from high school to the university. SDSU uses a variety of ways to reach and communicate with students about the admissions process and life at SDSU.

Social Media SDSU Admissions page on Facebook
The entertaining platform of social media creates informal forums for interactions between prospective students, current students and admissions counselors – all at once. Sites like Twitter and Facebook create fun venues for real-time updates on university happenings, student life and much more.  Social media also allows students to get questions answered and keep informed on admissions policies, dates and deadlines. The best part is they are able to create connections with other students just like them.

mySDSU Sign-up page

Allowing students to sign up as early as Jr. High, mySDSU connects students to e-mail updates with information specific to their grade level. By creating a simple personal profile, students can find out about upcoming events, on-campus tours, and admissions information. The mySDSU system serves students from an early age, which makes SDSU accessible throughout all phases of the college search and application process.


Like most communication channels at SDSU, e-mail is a two-way road. Students can communicate back and forth with admissions counselors or student assistants to get questions answered. Although mass e-mails make providing necessary information to many students an easy task, the Office of Admissions takes the message system one step further by encouraging personalized e-mail interactions when students have specific needs. E-mail at SDSU serves to provide both general information and customized answers.

High Schools
One of the most personal ways SDSU communicates with students is through their high school. SDSU admissions counselors work closely with local as well as out-of-state schools to provide information to interested students about admissions and visits to the area. Students can then meet face-to-face with an admissions counselor at a college fair or presentation near them.

~ Desiree Roughton, Communications Student Assistant, SDSU Enrollment Services

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One response to “It’s All About Communication

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