Admissions Counselor Perspective

Ever wonder what it’s like to be an admissions counselor? Their job is to guide students through every step of the application process and provide the link between students and a university. Not an easy job at SDSU, one of the most sought-after universities in the country.

This week I sat down with SDSU admissions counselors Azizi James and Malerie McNeill to get their perspective on this busy time of year.

Q: What is your number one goal in interacting with prospective students?

Azizi James, SDSU Admissions Counselor

Azizi James, SDSU Admissions Counselor

Malerie McNeill, SDSU Admissions Counselor

AJ: To make sure they are informed about the application process, so that they can successfully apply to SDSU.

MM: To make a connection and have SDSU stand out in their mind as a top choice institution.

Q: What do you do to reach students?

MM: Listen to them. Each student has a different path they want to take to reach their goals. We have so many amazing programs at SDSU, and I know that they will find what they need to succeed … they just need to know it is here.

Q: How do you think students benefit from personal contact with you or other admissions counselors?

AJ: I think they see that there is an actual person interested in them, and that allows them to develop a relationship with a real person. Students and high school counselors seem to be more comfortable talking to me in person, and in turn it makes them feel comfortable calling or e-mailing me if they have questions.

Q: What is one thing students should be doing during the application process, but aren’t?

MM: Making sure that they visit the campus. Many students tell me that when they come to campus, they can tell at first step that SDSU is the place for them.

Q: Why should SDSU be a student’s number one choice?

AJ: Because it is a beautiful campus in the best city in America, and they have an opportunity to get a high quality education for a very reasonable price!

MM: As an SDSU alum, I feel that at SDSU you can become a name and not just a number. It became my home.

For details on the SDSU admissions process, please visit the Admissions Web site. Fall 2010 applications are due by 11:59 PST on Monday, November 30, 2009.

~ Desiree Roughton, Communications Student Assistant, SDSU Enrollment Services

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