Reflections from a media relations intern

Senior status: it’s what every undergraduate looks forward to. For the past four years SDSU has been my life, and I think I’ve done a pretty good job at living the “college experience.” From Greek life freshman year to RBR all-nighters junior year, I thought I had done everything SDSU had to offer, and I thought I knew everything about the campus I called home.  And then I got an internship in the media relations department.

As my days as the media relations intern come to an end, I’ve come to realize how I merely just scratched the surface of all that SDSU has to offer. Not only that, I’ve realized how little I know about this place that’s been my so-called “life” for almost four years now.

Sure, we’ve all heard the major news stories these past few years – some good and some not-so-good – but have you heard the small, everyday stories that make this university such a remarkable institution? The vast awards our faculty members received?  The studies done by our researchers that have gained national attention?  The efforts made by students and alumni to make this a better campus? Or maybe how more than 61,000 high school seniors and community college transfers want to be here next year? Well, this past semester, I’ve not only heard all of these stories but I’ve written them.

Stormtroopers Attack Classroom is one of the stories Kristin Loe worked on as an intern at SDSU's Media Relations Dept.

Each day as an intern I’ve learned, and sometimes gotten to share, the stories of SDSU’s continuous efforts to be a value to its students, its employees and its community. I’ve had the chance to speak with professors who work hard to push the boundaries to bring creativity and excitement into their classes; to the students who have benefited from that creativity; and to faculty who have been recognized for their outstanding achievements.

Writing the stories about these professors and students has been exciting, but seeing these stories get picked up in local media has been the real thrill. Never had I realized how often the local media look to SDSU for their stories and how often they request to speak to the “experts” – the professors who everyday pass us their expertise.

And to toot our own horns, I’ve learned how fabulous the media team at SDSU is – the team that gets the university the attention it deserves. Working and learning from them has not only built up my resume and professional experience, but it’s equipped me with a stronger Aztec pride that’ll take me past graduation and into my years as an SDSU alumna.

~ Kristin Loe is a Journalism and Media Studies senior at SDSU.

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One response to “Reflections from a media relations intern

  1. We’ve been so fortunate to have super-talented students like Kristin join us for one or more semesters – frequently for little-to-no compensation! As bummed as we are to see them go we’re also excited to hear about their accomplishments as SDSU alumni!

    Thank you and best of luck Kristin!


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