Airlift to Haiti – day 3 on the way to Port Au Prince

Rich Pickett is SDSU’s CIO and a licensed pilot for 32 years. He is volunteering his time to fly relief flights to earthquake ravaged Haiti and will be sharing his experiences here as often as he is able …

We stayed over night in the Turks and Caicos since we were so late leaving Haiti.  I flew to Fort Lauderdale this morning to load up with a C-Arm X ray machine and 800 lbs of food, crutches, blankets and food.  The X-ray machine will be left in Port Au Prince, then over the hills to Jacmel and Les Cayes, if we have time before darkness.

While in Haiti yesterday I texted Brandon to see if he could purchase stuffed toys for the kids!  We just finished adding them to the cargo.  I’m waiting for two people to join us who need to get to Haiti, and hopefully others will be there for the return flight.

Preparing to take another flight to Haiti

Brandon Campbell, who has been helping on the ground in Florida,  is joining me on this flight.  The flight from Port Au Prince to Jacmel is like threading a needle, flying between the peaks and down the valleys at 250 miles per hour since the clouds cover the mountain peaks at 7-8,000 feet, there are few choices.  The airstrip is at the end of a valley near the ocean.

I was hoping to upload photos, however didn’t have time since I want to depart in 10 minutes.

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One response to “Airlift to Haiti – day 3 on the way to Port Au Prince

  1. Nadine Stern


    Thanks so much for telling the CIOs about this wonderful service you are involved with. I know many of us have not know how to help but you found a way -I am so impressed.
    I hope your travels are safe.

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