Airlift to Haiti – Photos help tell the story

Rich Pickett is SDSU’s CIO and a licensed pilot for 32 years. He is volunteering his time to fly relief flights to earthquake ravaged Haiti and will be sharing his experiences here as often as he is able …

Jacmel - On some of the homes they paint the names of people who died within them

Brandon Campbell (a SDSU student who is finishing his business degree ) is loading the plane in Ft. Lauderdale yesterday before our flight to Port Au Prince

Pierre, who lives in Jacmel, and his daughter with Rich

Pierre, who lives in Jacmel walked with us around the town and on our way back, I saw this tent city and asked if we could stop.  As we were leaving, Pierre asked us to stay and meet his family (those who survived).  His daughter came up and hugged me and their ‘home’ is the 6 x 8 area with dirt and cardboard floor with plastic sheeting.  I have a tent for him, that I hope to deliver today.

Just landed in Jacmel with another loaf of supplies

Airlift to Haiti – day 3 on the way to Port Au Prince

Airlift to Haiti – End of Day 2

Airlift to Haiti – Day 2

Airlift to Haiti – Day 1


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3 responses to “Airlift to Haiti – Photos help tell the story

  1. Allison

    Hey Rich!! I already have people asking how they can help and if they can go with you on a trip. How can they help? Any special request supplies? Where to send? Etc…

  2. Allison,

    I’ll post some suggestions.

    Thanks for all of your help during the airlift!


  3. Tim Halbert

    Hey Rich
    Thanks for getting our team down to Jacmel. We were able to help the medical team organize the supplies, which removed a big burden.

    The flight over Port au Prince was amazing.

    Please feel to call on me if you ever need a place to stay when you’re in the Ft Lauderdale area.


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