airlift to Haiti – Home to San Diego

Jane and I were up early and as we started the plane for the flight home, I looked in the cabin and it was empty for the first time in over a week. By the time we would be home, we would have flown over 70 hours, 30 flights, nearly 18,000 miles, and consumed over 4,000 gallons of  Jet-A fuel over a span of 10 days.  All this to carry over  people, food, medicine, tarps, tents, blankets, generators, X-Ray machines, oil, clothing, paper products, jet fuel, and of course toys!

The 10 hour flight home was a time to think about Haiti, our mission, the incredible team that I was proud to be a member of, and of next steps for our involvement with Haiti.  It was also a time for Jane and I to discuss our other mutual interest, her autism research (Autism Tissue Program –  and my commitment to help her with  some additions to  her research portal and a grant proposal, before my next trip to Haiti 🙂

We landed at Palomar airport (CRQ) with a very dirty Pilatus  PC-12 with worn tires from the landings,  and very tired.  KUSI and NBC San Diego news crews were there to greet us, along with Todd, David and others.  Before I could apologize to Todd about the condition of his airplane, he said ‘When do we make the next trip?’

N950KA back home at Palomar Airport - 70 hours 18,000 miles

N950KA back home at Palomar Airport - 70 hours 18,000 miles

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