airlift to Haiti – observations and next steps

Our time helping in Haiti, while very intense, was a small snippet of what is being provided by thousands of individuals and organizations helping that country. Everyone we met had a common goal, that is perhaps why we became friends so quickly and continue to communicate.

This airlift was a grass roots effort, started by those of us who had the time, skills,  and drive to help.  None of this would have been possible without generous donations of supplies from many individuals and organizations, as well as the pilots who provided airplanes and fuel. I was amazed at how a loose group, could operate so efficiently.   In other disasters I was only able to help from afar, or to deliver a few supplies.  The immersion into the actual environment was an incredible opportunity  for our team, and myself.    Others may dismiss us as amateurs, however I know we made a difference.

A Note from Odileson & Roseline - Inspiration

A note from Odileson & Roseline - it was our inspiration

Haiti needs to rebuild, and the people want to be as self-sufficient as possible.  In order to do that, they will continue to need external help (we’re going back!) and employment in many sectors including manufacturing, construction, and of course tourism.   Perhaps the rebuilding of buildings, and infrastructure will help employ sufficient numbers of people that will stimulate their country and improve the skills of the workers.

The spring rains will come soon and we can only hope that sufficient shelter and supplies will be available to the Haitians.

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  1. P.J. EKDOM

    Thank you, Rich, for your generous spirit and genuine love for the Haitian people. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. :o)

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