President Weber Goes to Washington

On March 3 and 4, I had the privilege of representing the students, faculty and staff of San Diego State University in Washington, D.C.  Accompanying me on the trip were Associated Students Vice President of External Affairs, Alyssa Bruni and Student Veteran Organization President, Matthew Sulamo.

In meetings with Representatives Bob Filner, Duncan Hunter, Brian Bilbray, and Jerry Lewis,  and staff from Senator Boxer’s and Congresswoman Davis’ offices we advocated for funding for ground-breaking research and programs at SDSU

SDSU student leaders, Alyssa Brunni and Matthew Sulamo, met with legislators, including Congressman Bob Filner

that will directly benefit our nation.  Our discussion topics included such programs as Veterans Education and Transitional Support that will improve the recruitment and retention of veterans in universities; and Critical Language Training for active duty military to familiarize themselves with the culture and languages of Afghanistan and other areas of military operations; research proposals critical to the development of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) treatment; the next generation of military materials that are light-weight, durable, low-cost, and energy efficient for maintaining a high level of personnel safety and enhanced capabilities; and the development and advancement of biofuels derived from algae.  It is truly a pleasure to represent the men and woman of San Diego State and tell the exciting story of their work.

In all, we touched base with six elected officials to inform them about the outstanding work of the students, faculty, and staff of SDSU.  Alyssa and Matthew did an excellent job of impressing upon them the importance of their continued support of the university and the direct and positive impact that support has on the lives of students.  We are fortunate to have them as student leaders at San Diego State University!

~ Stephen L. Weber, President, San Diego State University

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