Even Indiana is Rooting for SDSU!

Ms. Hill's Kindergarten Class, Russiaville, Ind.

Ms. Hill's (right) kindergarten class in Russiaville, Ind. are rooting on the Aztecs this week.

Earlier this week I got an email from Bobbi Hill, a kindergarten teacher in Russiaville, Ind. explaining how every class in her elementary school had chosen a team from the NCAA tournament to support.  The idea is start teaching the young students about college, something we know can never be done too soon.

Well, this lucky kindergarten class picked San Diego State University and today there’s a classroom 2,200 miles away from campus that is sporting the Aztec colors and learning about our university. (They must have received the memo from San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders that today is Red & Black Day!)

While these youngsters are much closer to Providence, R.I. then they are to San Diego, their spirit is definitely being felt here on campus.  And they join Aztec alumni nationwide–including some 350 alums in their own state of Indiana–who will be rooting on our teams tonight and Sunday as the look to make some noise on the basketball court.

There’s really nothing like college sports to get people interested in a university. I’m not sure I knew as a kindergartner where I wanted to go to college but we hope this experience will put these students on an early path to attending SDSU — or any university for that matter.

Thanks Ms. Hill’s class! We love the banner and go Aztecs!


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2 responses to “Even Indiana is Rooting for SDSU!

  1. Randiego

    Thanks, kids!! We appreciate your support!! Go Aztecs!!

  2. Gina Jacobs

    Got an email from Ms. Hill who said the kids enjoyed learning about SDSU and even a few said they want to be Aztecs when they grow up. Creating the Aztec nation, one kindergartner at a time!

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