sdsu month is still going strong!

Hello My Friends!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day;  I was studying a Finance midterm.  I promise I was with you in spirit, wherever you were.  🙂

Men's and Women's basketball teams are MWC ChampsFirst order of the day to give a big CONGRATUATIONS to our Men’s and Women’s Aztec Basketball teams for claiming the MWC!  The campus is alive with pride like I have never seen or felt before.  Can’t wait to cheer them on tonight!

Speaking of pride…  If you are on campus, chances are you have seen the 6-foot likeness of our own Aztec warrior around.  Did you know that you can win a dinner for two just for taking your picture with him? All phones have cameras these days, so take a quick sec to send us your pic with him—you have nothing to lose!  We’re talking free dinner for two people!  Instructions are posted by him. (Don’t tell my boss I told you this, but he’s in East Commons).

I found the Aztec Warrior!

He will also be at Explore SDSU, and you should be too! In case you do not know what Explore SDSU is, it is our own open house to celebrate the past, present and future of  SDSU.  There will be many, many fun family events, workshops, and EVERY college and major will be there for prospective students. I could write an entire blog on it—there is so much to do!  Hope to see you there!

Whether you are a student or alumni, I hope that all of you are taking advantage of the deals from all of our benefit partners.  Our support to them brings them back each year.  And the deals are great!  I went to do my grocery shopping at Windmill Farms, (10%off your entire purchase) and I tell you that I will continue to shop there after March.  This place is one of the last “mom and pop” kinds of stores, with outstanding quality and prices. The service is genuine and “homey” that you don’t get at large chain grocery stores.  See for yourself!

As SDSU Month winds down to its final days, I grow a bit bittersweet.  This is my first year that I actually experienced it as a true Aztec; and it is also the last I will be the last time I will experience it as a student.  I wish I could have started this long ago.  That is why this blog is so important!  I have got to get the word out on how great SDSU Month is!!  At least I can look forward to celebrating SDSU Month as an alumnus.  I am already looking forward to receiving the SDSU Month issue of 360 Magazine (a magazine geared specifically to keeping alumni and community members in the loop with SDSU happenings).

My final SDU Month blog will be posted next week on the ins-and-outs of Explore SDSU.  Until then, be safe, happy and GO AZTECS!!

-Heather Milley

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