Me, My Daughter and the Dancing Bear

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that sometimes, as a parent with a full time job, I feel like I’m missing out on important parts of my kids’ lives. I’m very fortunate, however, to have my four-year-old-daughter going to preschool just a few hundred yards from my office, at the San Diego State University Children’s Center. I get to drive to and from work with her every day. Sometimes I stop by to see her on my lunch break. And I have the opportunity to accompany them on field trips to places like the Turtle Pond and the Library.

As part of my job at SDSU I sometimes have to go on television. This week, because of my job, I had the unique opportunity of going on television with my daughter. Her class has been participating in a study about how music can be used to teach children more than just their ABCs.

SDSU’s Department of Child and Family Development has teamed with local company Baby Genius to develop the music and work with and observe the kids. Baby Genius is putting on a free concert for the community this weekend and, when they were going on the local news to talk about it, they needed a child and parent from the Children’s Center to join them. They called me and I (we) jumped at the chance. I thought she’d have a lot of fun, and it would be a good opportunity to show her what Daddy does for a living.

It wasn’t the first time Georgia’s been in front of the camera. We created a video and story about the music study a few months back, in which she participated. But it was the first time we got to do it together. And while she didn’t “perform” the way we had all hoped. We did have fun together.

So in addition to having this phenomenal resource on campus to care for and educate my child, it has provided me the opportunity to share some unique experiences with her. The Children’s Center serves a few hundred families of primarily SDSU students, faculty and staff. I’m sure each of them has had had similar experiences.

As she moves on to kindergarten next year I’m going to miss spotting her class out for a walk on campus and running down to say hello. But at least I’ll always have our news segment with Vinko the Dancing Bear.

Children's Center Field Trip to the Library

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