The Tanzania Experience: Jealousy

I am so jealous of our students and faculty who have the opportunity to travel this summer. But, instead of sitting in my office lamenting over my Starbucks latte, I thought the next best thing would be to share their wonderful adventures with everyone.

A number of students, faculty and others are participating in The Tanzania Experience and Dr. Al Sweedler has been sharing photos and video of their adventures so far.


Students from the Mnyakongo School in Kongwa with their new SDSU backpacks.

During the two-week program, they are helping build and install an elementary school library in an economically depressed region of Tanzania, including organizing and cataloging books, building shelving, and painting walls.

Kwonga Students

SDSU students and faculty are warmly and enthusiastically greeted by students at the Kongwa school.

San Diego State University theater professor Peter Larlham is leading the program. Over the spring semester he collected secondhand books to donate to the school which happens to be his alma mater: the Mnyakongo School in Kongwa. The school serves 800 elementary pupils from ages 7 to 12 and has no electricity.

“The small village has no library, and children have little access to information or images of a world outside of their immediate environment,” Larlham said.

It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for these students and they’ll have so much to share with those of us who are holding down the fort here at home.


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3 responses to “The Tanzania Experience: Jealousy

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  3. Tess Banko

    It was an extraordinary trip and hopefully it will continue to take place every year! There is much to learn from the people of Tanzania. I enjoyed reading your blog.


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