removing the stress from registration

New Student Orientation is starting in a couple of days and one of the most important parts of the program is learning skills that you will use every semester at SDSU to choose classes and plan your schedule. This is arguably the most influential part of staying on track while at SDSU. Even though registering for classes can seem stressful, San Diego State has many tools to make your course choices a breeze.

In your orientation packet you will receive a copy of your Major Academic Plan, or MAP, which is a document that outlines all the classes you must take to graduate. Your MAP suggests the ideal sequence for all General Education, major prep, and upper division courses you will complete at San Diego State. Following this MAP will ensure you take all the classes you need in the correct order. Here are three tips to guide you in getting the most out of your MAP:

1. Be flexible – MAPs are the best resource to use when planning your semester schedule. However, often times planning a workable schedule isn’t as easy as signing up for the classes your MAP suggests. Time conflicts and limited section offerings make being flexible the only way to stay stress free when it comes to registration. General Education requirements are often fulfilled by a large number of classes, so be open to taking a course that may not be your first choice.

2. Complete prerequisites – Refer to the General Catalog to determine what classes require what prerequisites. Don’t get bogged down following the exact sequence your MAP outlines, but do be sure to take the required courses that allow you to move on to other classes. Certain classes can be shuffled around a semester or two to accommodate your schedule as long as you meet the proper prerequisites. Utilizing the SDSU General Catalog, along with a working version of your MAP, will provide accuracy and flexibility during class planning and registration.

3. Take advantage of help – Figuring out what to register for can become overwhelming, which is why New Student Orientation offers you personal advising about classes and a lesson on using the SDSU WebPortal. Feel free to ask your student Ambassador questions about major preparation courses, electives, and getting into your major. If you still have questions once you get here, the Academic Advising Center is always ready to help with General Education requirements, while your major adviser can help you stay on track within your program.

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