A Growing Sense of Unity

Jim Herrick is director of the SDSU Alumni Association. This post originally appeared in his blog, Directly Speaking.

Last Friday at Riverwalk, a hundred former Aztec football players gathered for a day of fun and golf. While football alums golfing together is certainly nothing new, this event, The Coryell Classic Football Alumni Golf Tournament, had a different feel to it.

Maybe it had something to do with the name – The Coryell Classic – and the fact that a large majority of the participants have signed on to the notion that the late coach’s legacy at San Diego State must be honored with a return to prominence for Aztec football. Underlying the camaraderie and levity of the day was an unmistakable shared sense of purpose.

This show of unity and support is the type of thing we have come to enjoy and appreciate from Coach Hoke. Brady was adamant from day one that the Aztec alumni football players needed to get behind the team and help us get back on the path to glory. That seems to be exactly what is taking place.

Along with the Aztec Athletics administrators and current coaches attending The Classic were Aztec greats Willie Buchanon, Coach Sipe, J.R. Tolver, Steve Duich, Tory Nixon and many, many more. Most had seen each other last month at Coach Coryell’s memorial, but were delighted to reconvene at Riverwalk. It was as if the memorial service had generated a momentum that is continuing to build.

A part of that momentum is exemplified by the Aztec Football Legacy Alumni Chapter. It is already the second biggest alumni chapter and the competiveness of these players has the College of Business Alumni Chapter looking over their collective shoulders.

I have always said that when Aztecs come together great things happen. At The Coryell Classic it sure felt like the coach’s memory, if not the man himself, is still bringing us together and helping to guide our way.

– One factoid gleaned from the event was that the 2011 Football away game schedule, in addition to the known trips to Michigan and West Point will likely also include one to Boise State.

The general feeling is that our team will continue to improve this year (regardless of the media’s predictions) and that the ascendency of Aztec Football is palatable.

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