new design, same priorities

After over a year of planning, decision making, and creative designing, San Diego State launched a brand new homepage earlier this week. The finished product is functional, visually rich, and representative of all the things SDSU stands for as an institution. The SDSU homepage is often a prospective student’s first impression of their future life as an Aztec, so creating a page that captivates a viewer’s attention from the first click is exactly what needed to be done.

The new homepage positions student stories as the main focus. A screen-wide display of pictures and video links about student Veterans, personal journeys, and study abroad radiates the campus’ student-oriented philosophy. Scroll down a little farther and you’ll find a box highlighting upcoming campus events. San Diego State is a connected community that prides itself on an active and vibrant campus culture. Shared experiences like sports games and Aztec Nights foster a true sense of Aztec family.

The updated design also expresses SDSU’s enthusiasm for new media and technology. The previous text heavy page has been replaced with media rich content, including tons of videos for prospective and current students, pictures placed wherever possible, and prominent links to other online communities including SDSU YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and WordPress pages. San Diego State has always been a university that embraces new technology and strives to offer students the best resources available. The new boasts a cutting edge design that is ahead of its time.

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