An interesting week … and it’s only the beginning

This past week has been one of the more interesting and challenging during my time working here on the Mesa. Best laid plans, and all that. Last Thursday we were supposed to roll out our announcement that President Weber was retiring. An email to campus would be sent in the morning, followed by his speech at Convocation, followed by a press conference. Nice and easy.

A last minute logistical snafu pushed the announcement up to Tuesday. Ok, roll with it. Monday night, a water main broke, shooting  a geyser into the air, and shutting down air conditioning in most of the buildings on campus — during the warmest week of the year.

All the media in town came out in the middle of the night, and on into the late morning, to cover the water main break. President Weber’s announcement was now fighting for time with the weather. Fortunately, we’ve got an entire school year to talk about his many accomplishments at SDSU.

Throughout the week, many on campus went home early. The media team and others stuck it out with the use of fans – and frozen yogurt. The top story for the week continued to be the broken water main and air conditioning, which was finally fixed Saturday.

All this took place while new students moved in on Friday, and Welcome Week activities continued through the weekend as planned.

This morning, all the TV stations in town came to campus to help us welcome students back for their first day of the semester. We juggled the dance team, cheerleaders and others back and forth between them. And President Weber did a handful of interviews, including appearing on KPBS’ These Days.

As PR folk, this is kind of what we live for. And as university folk, seeing the excitement of the students on the first day of classes is kind of what we live for as well. Despite it all, it’s a good time to be an Aztec.

And if this past week was any indication, we’re in for an exciting year.

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