New SDSU Apple iPhone and Smartphone Application

Rich Pickett is SDSU’s Chief Information Officer (CIO)

After a few months of effort, we are pleased to release the SDSU iPhone and Smartphone application for our campus. Working with Jamieson Johnson and Kushyar Kasraie of EZ Axess, Inc. we spent the summer designing SDSU Mobile.

Our initial release allows you to view  SDSU videos, news, current events as well as find contact information for faculty and staff, or locate points of interest on our campus.  We had fun designing this application, which uses the Internet in real time to provide you with the latest information on SDSU, including this year’s Aztec Nights!

SDSU Mobile Main Page

SDSU's new iPhone app

SDSU Mobile Events Calendar

SDSU Events

This application utilizes ‘channels’ which offers design flexibility as well as allows the user to easily access information of  particular interest.

This free Apple iPhone application can easily be found on the Apple iTunes Store, by searching for SDSU Mobile. To maximize access, we also designed a companion version that will work on virtually all mobile smartphones. To utilize this version, navigate to SDSU Mobile using your phone’s web browser. In fact, any web browser can use this same method to access the information.

We hope you enjoy this new application and we will keep you posted as we add new features!


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4 responses to “New SDSU Apple iPhone and Smartphone Application

  1. Keith

    The iPhone app works great and has more features than I anticipated. I like being able to access the News Center, 360 Magazine and (with videos).

  2. Jim

    Here’s a link that will open up directly to the app in iTunes:

  3. Nice job Rich! Downloading the App now.

    • Thanks Matt.

      We did find a bug today due to the different iPhone/iPad operating system versions. It would crash with OS 3.x due to a change in event calendars in 4.0. Just a few minutes ago we fixed the problem and uploaded the new version for Apple’s approval. In the interim if you have a problem use your phone/iPad browser to access . I’ll announce the new version on this blog and it will be available through iTunes.

      Sorry for the error!

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