sdsu opportunities don’t just knock, they come right in

It’s truly amazing what SDSU has to offer students. I’m just starting my last semester at State and over the last three years I’ve come across an endless amount of opportunities. With everything this campus offers, it is not a matter of finding open doors, it’s about narrowing down which one you want to walk through. Jumping on board with the University Honors Program freshman year landed me a job I still love. Last fall opening e-mails from my major’s department led me to a spring break in Argentina. And this summer an announcement on the Centre for Integrated Marketing Communication’s (IMC) Web site allowed me to spend a week on the East Coast learning and collaborating with 30 students from across the country.

Direct Marketing Education Foundation’s Interactive Marketing Immersion Experience (DMEF’s I-MIX)

I-MIX Participants

I-MIX Particpants

This August, I participated in the DMEF’s I-MIX program. The DMEF’s mission is to attract, educate and place top college students in the interactive marketing field. I-MIX, one of the DMEF’s many student education experiences, offers 30 students from different colleges a chance to learn from industry professionals during a week-long trip to Columbia, MD. I showed up to the program not only proud to be a Californian, a marketing major, and soon-to-be graduate, but I was most proud to be an Aztec. Without the Centre for IMC I would have never known about the opportunity. Without SDSU classroom experience in hands-on learning, I would have never been so comfortable presenting ideas in front of top management executives. And without a truly effective degree program structure, I would have never felt so prepared among a group of top students earning the same degree. I was happy to represent San Diego State and confidently say that more SDSU students will make it into the program next year.

Your SDSU Experience

Every department at SDSU has opportunities for students to take a proactive step in their education. College isn’t another four years of classes; this is the time to learn and do what you love. Find your passion and run with it. Volunteer with a professor on a research project, join a professional organization to start networking, or simply keep up on university news, e-mail, and Web announcements. At SDSU, one connection can spin a web of opportunities to grab hold of. Never be afraid to ask questions, reach out, and go for what you want. You’ll be surprised at the response you receive.

It’s truly a great day to be an Aztec, take advantage of it.

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