SDSU Mobile iPhone App Updated

Rich Pickett is SDSU’s Chief Information Officer (CIO).

Today we released our updated Apple iPhone/iTouch application, SDSU Mobile .  This is an interim release to mitigate a issue we found with earlier releases of the Apple iOS, as well as improve usability.  If you are using iOS 4.0 (or later) on your iPhone/iToch you will be able to take advantage of some nice features, such as  locating an SDSU event and instantly adding it to your personal calendar.   If you integrate your iPhone calendar with other calendars, such as our SDSU Meeting Maker or Google, the event will display on that calendar as well.

The application can be utilized on the iPad, however certain limitations on the current iPad operating system don’t support some features such as full calendar support and  in-app video streaming.  To view the video streams in our app on your iPad first browse and locate the video,

(T) Video Channel  | (B) Selected=Go Aztecs

(T) Video Channel | (B) Selected Video

then select ‘Open in Safari’ after selecting the Forward button icon .

We are collaborating with colleagues across the campus to add additional features. We will keep you posted on new functions.

Remember, most of these features can also be accessed through virtually any mobile web browser at:

Have fun and let us know your suggestions!

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