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The beginning of October marks the start of an exciting time in the SDSU Admissions Office. It’s another year of hopeful applicants, excited parents, and an influx of questions about everything from majors to athletics to meal plans. As an applicant, you are likely overwhelmed with questions about SDSU, our application process, and what you need to be doing to make sure you are on the road to becoming an Aztec. Last fall we shared some great tips for getting your questions answered and this fall we’ve implemented even more ways to make sure all the info you need is only a click away.

Admissions Video

Our newest video answers questions about applying to SDSU, featuring current students and staff who give you a peek into our office. We’ve tackled nine of the most commonly asked questions from prospective students. These questions came straight from you via our e-mail inbox, Twitter profile, and Facebook page, so thanks for the help!


apply to SDSU video

Apply to SDSU Video


mySDSU Interest Page

A new revamp of our mySDSU page also allows students to receive personalized communication based on major interest and school year. Students as young as middle school can start interacting with SDSU and paving their way to becoming SDSU Aztecs. Sign up for your personalized mySDSU page to get connected.

Today, information is no longer one sided. At SDSU, we pride ourselves on technology that is more about engagement and interaction than simple information presentation. Join the conversation on Twitter, write on our Facebook wall, or leave us a comment on YouTube. We know you have a lot of questions, and we’re listening.

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