SDSU Student Perspective: Meet The Firms Workshop

Elif is a fourth-year Accounting major at SDSU. She and three others write their own blogs chronicling the life of an SDSU student. Following is Elif’s latest entry.

Elif is a fourth year accounting major

Elif is a fourth year accounting major

In Accounting 321, the professors were encouraging all the students attend the Meet the Firms Workshop held by Career Services. The incentive was getting a higher grade in the tax portion of the class. When I got to the room, there was at least 80 people there. Talk about squished. Note: if your professor offers extra credit by going to a workshop, get there early.

Before I start, Meet the Firms is a networking event where you meet people who can potentially offer you an internship, summer or full-time job, and an opportunity to build experience. This event is popular for Accounting majors because we all want to grow up and be successful. In addition, the people you meet at Meet the Firms do provide you valuable information about the field and can give Accounting students advice about their major.

I had to go to two different workshops. The first event I was 20 minutes late because when I think of a workshop, I think someone is there and they can review your resume. Wrong! It was an actual presentation and I felt horrible walking in the middle of her workshop. The second time I made sure I came in on time. A presenter from Ernst and Young introduced herself to us and immediately dived into what is favorable/not favorable on a resume and how to network with potentials. Here is a summary of information I found valuable from the workshop:

  • Your objective statement in your resume can either make you or break you. The presenter did suggest that you do leave it out of your resume.
  • When applying for a job, please follow the instructions on the application. If they request certain information, please provide it.
  • When listing your job experience, make sure it is relevant to the job you are applying for
  • It looks good that you are involved with your campus. It shows that you are a well-rounded individual
  • When putting your volunteer experience, it is strongly suggest that one does not put any political or religious affiliations. You might be an Democrat, but the person interviewing you might be a Republican.
  • Do Not Lie. Human Resources does their Homework. They will look into your transcripts, prior work experience, etc.
  • Before you go to Meet the Firms, do your homework. Learn about the company/firm. Learn what kind of goods or services they provide
  • Practice your interviewing skills. Practice makes perfect and it helps your prepare for long conversations
  • When someone asks what is your weakness, respond with ” some areas that can use improvement are…..”
  • There is something called a stupid question.
  • Press your clothes before an Interview or Networking event. Others will notice the wrinkles on your attire. Remember to Dress for Success.
  • Everyone is shy when they go to a networking event. Make a goal that you will talk to at least 2-3 people at the event.

I found the information very valuable. In addition, the presenter stayed and answered some of my personal questions. Career Services definatley scored bonus points for the Accounting Students.

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