Student Perspective: Midterms Are Over!

Amanda is a junior psychoogy student at SDSU. She and three others write their own blogs chronicling the life of an SDSU student. Following is Amanda’s latest entry.

Whew! These past 2 weeks or so were just jam packed with tests, quizzes and papers! But that process never ends when you’re a student, huh?

Finally the weeks are smoothing out, and I’ll finally be able to sleep normal hours and I won’t be stressing out so much. This semester I have finally learned that 18 units…is possible..just really stressful… haha! But that really depends on the person. Just for me personally, 18 units seems like a lot. However, it also depends on your teachers, how well you do in the class, study time, extracurriculars etc. So I mean, if I didn’t have all the things that I have on my plate, I don’t think I’d be as stressed out as I was.

So usually on my breaks between classes, I like to go in the library and find cushy chairs. This is one of the best accommodations here at SDSU. Although you gotta compete against a lot of other people for these chairs, and if you plan on going on your laptop (and it’s like mine and hates being unplugged) it’ll be a little harder to find an outlet next to a comfy chair. I mean other than the competition and trying to find a plug, not to mention the amount of students there are during midterms/finals, finding a chair isn’t too hard. There are a lot of students that are usually sleeping on these chairs (sometimes I’m one of them!), but they’re really comfortable!

I’m just enjoying my time right now when I’m not so busy. Just going through a little de-stressing phase. Sleeping more, grocery shopping, catching up on TV shows…you know, just the usual stuff. And guess what? THANKSGIVING BREAK IS COMING! I’m super super excited! Even though it’s only for 4 days…that’s ok! I just can’t wait…

‘Til Next Time!


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