Student Perspective: Professional Mixers

Brittany is a Business Marketing student at SDSU. She and three others write their own blogs chronicling the life of an SDSU student. Following is Brittany latest entry.

Today’s exciting event: American Marketing Association Professional Mixer!

SO. For those of you who don’t know, I’m incredibly involved with an organization on campus called AMA – the American Marketing Association. This semester I have taken on the role of Executive Vice President. It’s so much fun and so rewarding. I highly encourage every single one of you to get involved in some kind of organization when you get to campus. It is immensely beneficial and will help to make your time here at SDSU the best it can be.

Two nights ago, AMA put on our professional mixer that we have every semester. 11 companies were represented in one meeting to hire our organization’s members specifically for jobs during school as well as once they graduate, and internships. It’s an awesome opportunity for our members. We had companies like Target, Black and Decker, Red Door, Apple, and Kohl’s. There was food and each company had a table. We walked around and socialized with the managers and CEOs of the companies and gave them our resumes if we were interested in what they had to offer. Each company also had flyers, info packets, and free gifts at their tables. It was so much fun and very rewarding. I learned about a couple summer internships that sound like ones I would want to apply to.

The Apple rep told me something that I really want to pass on to you because it’s so true and very helpful to keep in mind as you continue into your college career as well as your future careers. He said,

“It’s not about who you know, it’s about who knows YOU.”

You may meet the CEO of a company, but unless you really make yourself known to them and stand out in their mind, that connection isn’t going to get you anywhere. You can’t just call them up and be like, “Hey I need a job” because chances are they don’t even remember who you are after one meeting.

Hope you found this as useful as I do! 🙂

Overall, it was definitely a great night and I can’t wait til the next mixer next semester!

Thanks for reading!


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