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Jim Herrick is director of the SDSU Alumni Association. This post originally appeared in his blog, Directly Speaking.

Aztec fans, rejoice!

Three of our highly visible sports teams are ascending Mt. Credibility.

And while the AP polls are not necessarily reflective of much, the evidence of our arrival is undeniable.

Let’s start with basketball. Even casual sports fans and observers understand that we have been steadily building a great men’s program. Steve Fisher has established post season play as the norm as opposed to the aberration it was in the prior decades. This year’s assemblage is undeniably the best we have ever had. Even Harry Hodgetts of the NAIA Championship squad in 1941 would admit that. We have all starters returning from a team that won the Mountain West Conference Tournament last year only to be awarded a difficult 11 seed in the NCAA Tournament. That this will be the year we finally win an NCAA tournament game is a quest which not only seems surmountable, but blow-by-able.

At least the AP Poll believes in our potential. Our pre-season #25 ranking marks the very first time in Aztec history that we have appeared on that esteemed list.

After spending time near the top of the polls in seasons past, our Aztec women’s team is poised just outside the Top 25 this season. Coach Beth Burns is coping with the departure of a first-round WNBA draft pick and some other high-performance players, but my guess is she’ll mesh the new arrivals with the experienced veterans in no time and have the team leading the conference and climbing the polls before long.

And the beauty of the circumstance, Aztecs, is that despite decent attendance at Viejas (Formerly Cox) Arena, anyone can go to any game. Just click here to find out how to get some tickets.

Now, about Aztec Football: Brady Hoke has been here for all of twenty games and his team has won half of them. Those of you who have been paying attention understand that our Aztecs are now “sufficiently aggressive.” You can toss in disciplined, committed, cohesive, coachable, humble and talented. That the team is well coached by an outstanding assemblage of teachers with impeccable credentials is another undeniable fact. Likewise, that we are going to a bowl game.

Aztec Football tickets at Qualcomm are readily abundant and range from $11 to $31 per. You might want to make a small investment and come on down Saturday night and see how we dismantle Colorado State. In previous years I would never say such a thing, but this team is for real.

Today we are 6 spots away from the AP top 25. When we win Saturday we will creep higher. The summit of Mt. Credible is in sight. Don’t miss the ascent.

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