Time to dust off your SDSU gear

Ok, so I’m taking off my Marketing and Communications hat for a few minutes, because I want to talk to you one-to-one, SDSU alumnus to SDSU alumnus. I’m talking to you, guy who hates talking sports at parties because all your friends went to a Pac-10 school!

The time has come for you to take that old SDSU sweatshirt out of the drawer and put it on. The time has come for you to stop making excuses for not coming out to watch SDSU football and basketball. Because the time for the Aztecs is now.

We have a football team that is 7-3, nearly upset the #3 team in the country last week, is playing a ranked opponent in #25/24 Utah this week and, at season’s end, will go to a bowl game for the first time since 1998. And we have a basketball team that just beat the #11 team in the country, in their arena – a place in which they have only lost 5 times since 2004. Not to mention the women’s basketball team that is just outside the Top 25, and countless other sports programs that are successful.

It’s a great time to be an Aztec. Of course, I think it’s always a great time to be an Aztec. But now more than ever, take the opportunity to revisit your SDSU pride. Take the opportunity to also see what else is going on on campus – because there is A LOT going on on campus to be proud of. Check out SDSU NewsCenter to see what I mean.

Back in 1996, after decades as one of the worst college football programs in the country, Northwestern ended up going to the Rose Bowl. It was amazing how many people came out of the woodwork claiming to be Northwestern Alum., wearing their purple. Well, come on out of the woodwork. Let the world know you’re an Aztec. The bandwagon has plenty of room.

And now, I will put my Marketing and Communications hat back on and let you know that we’re accepting applications for the fall 2011 semester until the end of the month. So if you know someone who wants to be part of the Aztec family, tell them to get their application in!

Go Aztecs!

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One response to “Time to dust off your SDSU gear

  1. Lesley Mason / @LesleyLaPalma

    Great post! I’m proudly representing the SDSU in Texas and had an amazing time watching them scared the pants of TCU last weekend. I’m an Aztec for life!

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