Student Perspective: One Last Blog …

Elif is a fourth-year Accounting major at SDSU. She and three others write their own blogs chronicling the life of an SDSU student. Following is Elif’s latest entry.

Elif is a fourth year accounting major

Elif is a fourth year accounting major

There is a week left in school and I know there is the urge to either procrastinate or to study your butts off. If you are reading this, skim through it and decide to get back to the books. Yes, break is about a week away and you can not wait to sleep in, have mom make a home cooked meal, and horseplay because guess what there is a month break before school starts again. Since there is a week left in school, its time to buckle down.

Unfortunately, the library is packed, the Internet is slow, and its difficult to juggle everything. Now you’re asking yourself, what do I do?

1. Find a location where you will not get distracted. I can never study at SDSU because the internet is very slow and does not fulfill my needs. This is a good thing and bad thing because 1) I will not surf the net 2) I can focus on the task at hand. However, if you have an assignment where you need the internet, find a location like the Living Room or Starbucks where there is enough internet to boost your connection.  If I am studying at school, I like to study in the basement because I can eat and not a lot of people study in the Compact Shelving Area.

2) Do Not Stress. Do not stress because you will not remember information. It happens to me all the time.

3) Reward yourself once in a while either to some Sushi or an arcade game. Then Get back to Studying.

4) Prioritize. Unfortunately, I hate choosing between fun and schoolwork. I really want to go to the Undie run on Thursday, but I know I should be studying for my classes. If you choose school, you will get more done. I know there are benefits to hanging out with friends, but your friends will understand.

Good luck with Finals. I hope you find a place to study and get those As you need/want. Have a wonderful Winter Break!

My Goals for Next Semester’s Blog

1. Join the Ballroom and Latin Dance Club and meet Brittany, another Blogger.

2. Finding Ways to Save Money.

3. Undie Run Spring 2011.

4. Networking with other Alpha Phi Omega Brothers in Southern California

5. Try to Zumba classes offered at the Arc.

6. Meeting the other bloggers, Alejandra and Amanda.

7. Being more active in Student Accounting Society and utilizing their resources to become a better Accounting Student.

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