Aztecs take over Tucson

Nothing brings a community together quite like sports. And it’s no more evident than in Tucson this week, where everywhere you go you see red and black.

As you walk down the street or sit down at a restaurant someone inevitably yells out “Go Aztecs!”

Aztec fever has taken over San Diego this year. And that’s somewhat expected. But when you see it in another city, where Aztec fans have come together for a common purpose, to cheer their team – our team – on to victory,  you know it’s reached a new level.

I’ve met lawyers, real estate professionals, students, teachers and alumni from all generations. But here, this weekend, we’re all just Aztecs.

“I believe that we will win! …”


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2 responses to “Aztecs take over Tucson

  1. wayne

    be loud and proud and dont send security to make the show to sit down! go aztecs!

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