The Madness of March at SDSU

Jordan Bowditch is a student assistant in SDSU’s Marketing and Communications Department.

Hi fellow Aztec aficionados…

The past few weeks I’ve been running around campus attending as many of the SDSU Month activities as I possibly can. Last week I went to hell and back with the SDSU Theatre Dept. in the classic Greek myth, Eurydice. The play, reimagined by Tony Award-nominated playwright Sarah Ruhl, follows two star-crossed lovers who become separated indefinitely on their wedding day. Eurydice is lured into danger by a strange man and falls into the River of Forgetfulness, eventually ending up in Hades. It was a well-performed show with an unexpected ending that I definitely recommend checking out.

Last Saturday I attended SDSU’s annual Open House event, Explore SDSU, where thousands of prospective,

Explore SDSU

Explore SDSU

admitted and current students, as well as alumni and community members gathered to partake in the numerous activities taking place on campus. In addition to more than 100 student organizations showcased, live entertainment was provided at The Family Village, where kids and adults could get their faces painted, have personal hats made by the Rad Hatter, and wear themselves out in the bounce house while listening to tunes from the “kid-folk” group Hullabaloo.

And of course there’s the men’s basketball team who is now in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament, an unprecedented success for the Aztecs. I had the opportunity to play with DJ Gay at the ARC last summer, and I have a supreme appreciation for this guy’s skills. I look forward to witnessing our Aztecs continue their streak in Anaheim this Thursday against UConn as I’m sure you all do.

In addition to the various events, I’ve been taking advantage of the SDSU Month promotions offered by our benefit partners. I’ve been hitting up Sail Ho Golf Club on the reg, but unfortunately, I am still subpar at best. Regardless, basking in the warm San Diego sun with a friend for half price hasn’t been a bad gig. I’ve also seen more movies in the past month than I have in years thanks to Reading Cinemas. By just mentioning SDSU month you get a free 85 oz. popcorn. 85 OUNCES!

There is one last matter to discuss regarding a certain phenomenon that has swept through the San Diego community. I have witnessed and been a part of this marvel for five years now, but have never experienced it to this magnitude. Yes – you guessed right. I am referring to the real reason for the season – Mustache March.

Mustache MarchYou’ve undoubtedly seen swarms of individuals representing this proud faction as the phenomenon seems to have been taken to a whole new level likely linked to the record performance of our men’s basketball team. I asked a fellow member of this esteemed group how he had grown such an impressive stache, to which he responded, “Well, to be honest I may have jumped the gun a little and started a few days early…I mean, would you run a marathon without stretching first?”

Even the new protein shake stand, Shakesmart, located in front of the Aztec Recreation Center, is getting in on the action. They’re giving 10% off shakes when you present your mustache! My close personal friend Kevin Gelfand, cofounder of Shakesmart, commented on the trend saying, “We kept seeing people with mustaches around campus, so we decided to jump on board and encourage them to try our shakes by giving them a little extra incentive.”

With that I will leave you for now. Let’s finish the month strong, and you stay classy SDSU!

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One response to “The Madness of March at SDSU

  1. Tim C. Mazur

    How do I quickly identify where (e.g., bar, pub, restaurant) I can join other SDSU alumni in Boston to watch tonight’s UConn game together?

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